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Sa., 20. Mai



Rad Race One Twenty 2023

Das erstmalig 2023 stattfindende Rad Race 120 ist für den CCC geradezu wie maßgeschneidert. Es umfasst ein TTT am Samstag und am darauffolgenden Tag ein 120 km Rennen. Wir können ein oder mehrere Teams melden und starten alle in einem einzigen Gesamtklassement.

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Rad Race One Twenty 2023
Rad Race One Twenty 2023

Zeit & Ort

20. Mai, 08:00 – 21. Mai, 19:00

Sonthofen, 87527 Sonthofen, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

Beschreibung des Veranstalters:

There is a NEW road bike event out there! We wanna bring you a race & ride that normally only professional athletes get. A weekend for everyone who loves to ride a roadbike. RAD RACE ONE TWENTY can be ridden as a race or a ride. We don’t care as long as the F-U-N factor is involved.

In the prologue on saturday, May 20th 2023 there will be a 7,08 km long Mountain Team Time Trial from Sonthofen to Bildstöckle. On sunday, May 21st we will bring you RAD RACE ONE TWENTY. A roadbike event on perfect empty roads from Germany to Austria and back.

You can only sign up as a team with a minimum team size of 3 riders. There will be prizes for the fastest MEN, WOMEN and MIXED teams. AND we will raffle RAD RACE Tour de Friends tickets & Allgäu Triathlon tickets among the 100 fastest teams in the KOM overall classification.

There is NO individual classification. TEAMS ONLY! So bring your friends and you will experience T-H-E team event of the year.


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